The Pleasures of the Royal Table: Château de Versailles and the Royal Kitchen garden

Food is our focus on this delightful one day tour of the Château of Versailles and the Royal Kitchen Garden. We follow a culinary thread and weave our way back in time to explore the role which food played in helping the French king, Louis XIV, to assert royal power over the French court. Under his reign, a sumptuous and refined cuisine developed, the ancestor of French modern gastronomy. Louis XIV, who created the royal court at Versailles, had a passion for fine cuisine and enjoyed indulging in the art of eating and entertaining.
By encouraging the exceptional talents of the garden designer La Quintinie, the Royal Kitchen Garden was created. Our guide will lead us there and talk about garden design and culinary art, explaining which vegetables and herbs were used in 17th and early 18th century recipes, feeding the royal French court. From stories our guide will tell us, we will learn how important a role this garden played in the day to day politics of court.
From the Royal Kitchen Garden we will enter the Château and explore the Royal Apartments where lavish banquets were held and imagine the indulgences of the courtiers and what was happening behind the scenes in the kitchen. We'll discover where huge reception parties took place and what was the gossip of the day. At the end of our tour as a small treat we'll offer you some traditional French candied specialities to remember your visit.
One-day-guided tour. Transportation to Versailles optional.

From 650.00 € forfeit

Duration : 6h00
Minimum number of people : 1
Maximum number of people : 4

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