Petanque initiation in Montmartre

Learn how to practice petanque, France's most emblematic sport!

Symbol of holidays, petanque was born a hundred years ago in the South East of France. It is still today a famous popular sport that does not require any specific physical condition or equipment. Petanque will be introduced to you by professionals in a unique place in Paris located on Montmartre near Sacré-Coeur. This sport creates a warm and friendly atmosphere for each member of the group. Around the petanque grounds and a guinguette (small bar), the atmosphere from the South-East of France will ensure the success of your activity.

Morning only
2 hours-game

Initiation or tournament, contact us to arrange this original activity !

During the Morning - 10:00am

From 28.00 € per person

Duration : 3h00
Minimum number of people : 30
Maximum number of people : 52