Paris street art: a walking tour

Are you in need of a 2 hour break from the intensity of the overwhelmingly significant art on show in the larger Parisian museums and have already climbed the Eiffel Tower twice? Are you looking for a walking tour of Paris which will appeal to the whole family especially to teenagers and younger kids? Look no further! Here it is!
Welcome to the visual delights of a fantastic tourist-friendly area off the beaten track, Belleville, north-east of the centre. Paris's open air gallery! Here you'll meet a different side of Paris and be introduced to amazing colourful street art through which you can feel the contemporary creative pulse. This is not the Paris of yesterday, it's the Paris of today!
Belleville, with its charming small streets, is where the iconic French singer Edith Piaf grew up and during the 1980s, many Parisian artists and musicians were attracted there by the lower rents. Former industrial buildings were converted into artists' studios and Belleville became the centre of Paris's urban art movement.
Our guide is crazy about urban art and will be sharing with you works by both French and internationally known street artists, from a giant wall fresco by Jérome Ménager to the mosaic tile creations of the artist Space Invader. Some of the paintings are astonishingly beautiful, some are witty, others political.
The tour is very relaxed and art which was there last week may have disappeared and been replaced by new forms of expression. It's not unusual to find artists working on a new mural during the 2 hour walk. 
Each walking tour is different from the last according to what is on display on any given day and you can freely express how you feel about what you see. Does street art create beautiful things and beautiful spaces or is it vandelism, a form of destruction? A thought provoking and popular tour awaits you. Make sure you have your camera or a fully charged phone to take photos.
2-hour-guided-tour, from 10 am to 12 pm.

From 56.00 € per person

Duration : 2h00
Minimum number of people : 2
Maximum number of people : 8

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