Covered passages, secret shopping and gourmet treasures

We're going to let you into a secret! As a visitor to Paris, you would never know that behind many Parisian tree-lined wide boulevards, charming hidden passageways lie. Known as Les Passages Couverts, covered shopping arcades, they were the fashionable, high-class shopping malls of the 19th century. Only the most affluent and high-class bourgeois ladies of the time could afford to stroll up and down the passages in their fine gowns, indulging in what was to become a favourite Parisian pastime -window shopping.
Today, many of these beautiful architectural wonders still exist intact; some restored to their former elegant 19th Century condition and some now a little tired and faded. The boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and cafés to be found inside are truly exquisite. Some have not changed in 150 years. Be sure to bring your camera.
Come and explore these secret passageways on the Right Bank close to the Louvre with our knowledgeable and charming Meeting the French guide who will lead you through 5 Passages Couverts and together you will evoke those romantic days and you'll hear some entertaining stories of how life used to be.
An extra bonus with our Meeting the French walk is that our guide will introduce you to the proprietors of a gourmet food shop tucked away inside the passages where you will sit and taste a glass of wine!.  It will be a true taste of a 19th century shopping experience !
This visit is especially gorgeous in the weeks leading up to Christmas when the Passages and their shops get decked with festive decorations. Perfect for a few special gifts for the holiday season. 

Kid rate from 6 to 11. Adult rate from 12.

From 95.00/62.00 € per adult and per child

Duration : 3h00
Minimum number of people : 2
Maximum number of people : 8