Murders and mysteries in the Louvre

Former royal palace and today the largest museum in the world, the Louvre hides in its walls heavy secrets, vile crimes, and in its windows numbers of mysterious masterpieces.
Who is hidden behind Mona Lisa's smile? The Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace have not revealed all their secrets. Accompanied with your knowledgeable guide, you will discover the major pieces of art with a new eye, and visit the exceptional department of Egyptian Antiquities. Champollion, who has cracked the hieroglyphic code, Touthankamon, the pharaoh who mysteriously died in his young age, and the curse that hit his tomb's discovers will be revealed to you.
The guided tour will also have you revive the royal castle: a golden helmet mysteriously found at the bottom of a  well, the king Henri IV dying in his coach, Charles IX shooting on the crowd...
A lively guided tour to admire the Louvre's masterpieces and hear the most thrilling stories of the museum.
2-hour-guided-tour Note that the Egyptian Wing is closed on Fridays and will be replaced by another section of the Louvre.

From 99.00/90.00 € per adult and per child

Duration : 2h00
Minimum number of people : 1
Maximum number of people : 6

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