Marie-Antoinette's guided tour at Versailles Château

Discover the Château de Versailles in Marie-Antoinette's steps. Trace back her life, since her arrival in France, her wedding and her relationships with the court, the happy and less happy moments of her life up to the revolutionary events.
At the same time frivolous, woman, mom, gambler, intriguer, nostalgic of her childhood in Austria, refined sponsor, muse of the fashion of her time, influential in the leading of the Kingdom of France, all the facets of her personality will be revealed to you...
Visit the prestigious Royal Apartments - the ones of her and her husband the king Louis the XVIth - and discover a woman passionate with theater, music, gambling, perfumes and jewels. Walk in the garden she used to stroll in, the the Petit Trianon she has settled in with an impeccable taste, the Austrian Hamlet that was her haven of peace before ending with the.Grand Trianon where she gave some shows. Appreciate the items, pieces of furniture and places she has passionately loved and let you seduce by her appealing and so modern character.
One-day guided tour.

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Duration : 6h00
Minimum number of people : 1
Maximum number of people : 4

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