The Gourmet Chocolate Museum

 The Gourmet Chocolate Museum

You will discover the secrets of chocolate and its 4000 years of history from the Olmecs to our civilization.

The museum is spread over three levels and 750m2, with more than 1,000 collectibles. Besides the historical aspect, are presented modern techniques of manufacture of chocolate and you will discover or rediscover the flavors of gourmet chocolate.

Enjoy variety of chocolate home from sweet milk of Costa Rica to melting power and fruitiness of Peru without forgetting the gentle aroma of cocoa Vanuatu.

Historical tours and demonstration of the company's chocolate museum.

Duration: 1:15 Forfait price of 140€ will be for the 1-hour guidance in the museum from 15 to 25 people, during your booking you will be asked to indicate the number of adults and children for the entrance prices which are :
Adult: 9.50€
Children: 9.00€

From 140.00 € forfeit

Duration : 1h15
Minimum number of people : 15
Maximum number of people : 25