Private Wine and Chocolate tasting

Enjoy a mouth-watering Wine and Chocolate tasting and spend a morning of delight in a relaxed setting. In a cozy and friendly atmosphere, you will discover different kinds of sweet wines and chocolates and have fun experimenting a variety of combinations. Our wine expert, will happily give you a few tips on how to savour wine like a fine French connoisseur. She knows exactly what the techniques and the best French wines are and she will guide your nose through a myriad of sensations. Be ready open up your palate to a whole new range of flavours! Our oenologist will teach you to trust your taste so that you can find the pairing of wine and chocolate that suits you the most.

This warm and friendly class will also be the opportunity to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know about oenology : the different grape varieties, the different technical terms, the process of wine making… Get your curiosity satisfied thanks to this fun class, and bring back home some great facts and some real knowledge about wine that will dazzle your friends and family.

Discover the decisive steps that gives its quality to chocolate : fermentation, roasting of cocoa beans and refining, the knowledge of the chocolate maker is crucial. Forget all your preconceived ideas about chocolate.

This is a fabulous treat if you are interested in getting to know what good wine is and which kind of wine can be combined with which kind of food.  What could be more entertaining and make you any more successful back home?

4 types of wine and 2 kinds of chocolate are included in this tasting. The list of wines will be handed out to you at the end of the session. 

Any day at 17:00am
Languages spoken : English, French
Minimum age : 18 years old


From 125.00 € per person

Duration : 2h00
Minimum number of people : 2
Maximum number of people : 8