Private Wine masterclass : training to understand French wines

Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Loire and the Rhône Valley, Languedoc Roussillon or Alsace … The french vineyard offers an incredible range of wines, which can make it complex to apprehend ; labels, grapes, blend, « terroir », wine making process : french wines have their specificities. To improve your knowledge of french wines, we offer you a Master Class Tasting with a french oenological teacher. With a selection of 5 wines and the help of a tutorial, the teacher will provide you the diffrents skills :
- To be more familiar with the technical language, to taste and describe wine accurately
- To understand the main concepts and the specificities of the french « terroir »
- To discover the criteria on which to recognise wines and judge about their qualities.

The Tasting takes place in a parisian ‘caviste’ and our teacher will happily advise you on the best ways to choose and buy french wines.

Highlights :
- A selection of 5 wines from the most important/ emblematic french vineyards
- Knowledge and experience of our teacher for a small group class
- Tutorial during the tasting to follow a step by step analyzing method
- The typical and privileged location of a parisian wine store, privatized for your group
- Advise to choose and buy french wines

From 125.00 € per person

Duration : 2h00
Minimum number of people : 2
Maximum number of people : 8