Bakery Le Petit Mitron

Located in the 14 arrondissement, very close to Montparnasse, this friendly baker manages the bakery with quality. This watchword is essential to succeed his speciality, la Parisse. This is a special french baguette made with natural leaven. La Parisse has a flavour of yesteryear. During this visit he shows you the various steps of bread production. A tasting is included. Group visits only - on request.

Paris is home of the baguette, that golden bread stick which is a real symbol of all things French. You are invited as part of a small, select group to step behind the counter of a typical beautiful French bakery, a boulangerie, into the kitchen to watch a demonstration by the master baker of how a perfect baguette is made.

Our friendly boulanger will invite us into his warm kitchen, into the heart of the boulangerie to share with us his most treasured baguette recipe, passed down through generations :  from the mixing of the dough, the kneading, the shaping, the decorating and finally the cooking of the baguette in special baguette ovens. The baguette is at the heart of French daily life and it comes in many forms. Our baker has his own special signature which makes his baguette unique and today all of it's secrets will be revealed to you.  Because you are part of a small group, the visit has a truly personal feel and the baker will be sharing with you his love and passion for his work. Of course, when that heavenly freshly baked bread smell fills the air, the baguette comes out of the oven, warm and golden, and a tasting is included.  A baguette and croissant goodie bag will be available free of charge for you to take away at the end.

WARNING: You might love our baker so much, you will want to take him home with you too !


From 23.00 € per person

Duration : 1h00
Minimum number of people : 1
Maximum number of people : 10