Booking terms and conditions

Terms of Sales


The present terms govern the services sold on They shall apply by right and without restriction to all reservations made for any service or performance. The customer's confirmation of reservation and the payment thereof imply his or her unreserved adherence to the present conditions of sale.

A tourist bundle is defined as a combination of 2 services or more, 1 of which being a transport whose length is more than 24 hours.



I.       Terms applying for services other than tourist bundles


The terms defined just below govern only the services that were reserved separately and independantly from any tourist bundle (services other than tourist bundles), as meals in host’s homes and guided tours.

Vouchers are named Invitation Cards.

Article 1 - Rates

1.1 Voucher rates are indicated in euros and inclusive of all taxes and VAT.

1.2 Different types of rates can be proposed to you, depending on the service you have chosen. 
1.3 Vouchers, or invitation cards, are printed on this website. They must be shown at the host (or guide) to get direct access to the service you have bought.

1.4 All orders, of whatever origin, are payable in euros.
1.5 Meeting the French reserves the right to modify its rates at any time. Services The prices invoiced will be those in force at the time of the order recording.

1.6 Vouchers are under the property of Meeting the French until your full payment is received.

Article 2 - Availability

Reservations are made in real time according to availabilities.

Our server informs you in real time on the availability of the services when you make your reservation.

Article 3 - Payment

3.1 The purchase of online services is made solely by credit card. The only cards accepted for online purchases are Blue / Visa cards, Eurocard / Mastercard, American Express cards.
3.2 Only one payment mode is authorized for each reservation.
3.3 The purchaser’s bank account will immediately be debited by the all-inclusive amount of the cost of the service, in euros.

 3.4. It is not possible to change or to cancel a confirmed service purchase.

Article 4 – Secured payment and personal information

4.1 Secured payment :
Online payment uses a system that complies with international inter-banking regulations via 128-bit coded SSL forms. We use a BNP Paribas service that guarantees the conveyance and security of confidential information.
4.2 Personal information :
4.2.1 The personal data you have entered is stocked in our reservations server. It can be used to contact you in case of modification or cancellation of the service.

4.2.2 You accept the making of photos or films during the realization of the services, and their use for commercial and communication purpose. You also accept the publication of your comments given in any satisfaction enquiry related to our services. Except those data, Meeting the French hereby undertakes not to disclose to any third party any of these information received from you or related to you, unless expressively authorized by you.

The website and the data processes related to it (order registration) have been declared to CNIL under the number 1122828. In accordance with IT & Freedom act (January 6, 1978, Article 34), and data-processing act (August 6, 1978), articles 38 to 40, 2004-801 act), you have a right to access, correct, modify or remove any data related to you. You can exert this right by sending an Email to, or a letter at the address below:


Meeting the French

67 rue Lepic

75018 Paris

4.2.3 If you have visited from other websites, partners of Meeting the French and identified as such, data related to you can be communicated to them. To get information on the data related to you that might be stocked by them, please contact the partner website you visited before entering.

Article 5 - Validation

Your reservation is firm and valid once you clicked on the button « Submit » at the end of the payment process.
When you tick « I have read and I fully accept the Terms of Sales », you hereby accept fully these terms and with no reserve.

However, your reservation shall be final qhen the full service price has been paid to us.
The date registered by Meeting the French are to be taken as proof of all the reservations made on this website.

Article 6 – Vouchers

6.1 The voucher must be printed on once your reservation is validated.

6.2 The credit card is as soon as the reservation is firm and valid.

Article 7 – Cancellation or reimbursement

7.1 A voucher cannot be reimbursed, exchanged, or resold.
7.2 In cas of a service cancellation, Meeting the French will propose an equivalent service, or the reimbursement.
7.3 In case of a cancellation or modification of the service you have reserved, you accept that Meeting the French uses your personal data to keep you informed of the following steps.

Article 8 – Reservation confirmation

8.1 An automatic email message will be sent as a payment confirmation to customers that made directly their reservation on our website.

8.2 For any other information or question, please contact us by phone ( 33 (0)1 42 51 19 80 or au 33 (0)6 73 65 62 19) or by E-mail :


II.       Terms applying for tourist bundles

The general terms of sales for travel agents as defined by the French Governement and the leading trade association SNAV are fully applicable (June 15, 1994, articles 95 to 103 of 94-490 act).